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Andrea Doricchi

PhD student
PhD Student
Research center

Andrea was born in Rome and here has carried out many of his studies. At first, he obtained a BSc in Energy Engineering, with a dissertation about Reactive Elements-modified diffusion coatings for gas turbines blades. Then he focused his studies on Nanotechnology Engineering, with a focus on bio-medical applications. In this field, he graduated his MSc, with a dissertation in Biophotonics about cancer biomarker detection in a complex biological environment by means of optical biosensors based on 1D photonic crystals. For his dissertation he was awarded one of the two Best Dissertation of the Academic Year Prizes of the Italian Society for Optics and Photonics (SIOF). After graduating, he passed the Italian Licence exam to practice the profession of Nanotechnology Engineer. This happened while he was studying to pursue his Postgraduate 2nd Level University Master Diploma in "Big Data in Business", which he graduated with a thesis on Cloud and IoT. He could accomplish the Postgraduate Master Diploma because he won the only scholarship that ENEL offered for his Academic Year. For this reason, he spent a brief internship in ENEL's Global Digital Solutions team. At the moment, he is in the second year of his PhD @ IIT-CCT and he is currently working on DNA data storage.

Other than research, his main interests are music, cinema, reading, walking an playing various sports: his preferred are swimming, surfing and skiing.