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3D Biofabricated high-perfoRmance dna-carbon nanotube dIgital electroniCKS

Silicon-based CMOS technology is approaching its performance limits, but the demand for more powerful computers — driven by rapid advances in applications such as the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) — remains. The discovery of various nanomaterials provides new opportunities to further develop information processing technology. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have, in particular, demonstrated excellent properties as a channel material in transistors. Computers based on CNT field-effect transistors (FETs) have been theoretically predicted to provide a power-performance improvement of ten times over computers based on Si-CMOS technology. However, the fabrication of high-performance CNT-nanoelectronics, and the realization of the full potential of CNTs, is highly challenging. A technological revolution would be a reliable approach to fabricate a new family of CNT-based devices that could enable aligned arrangement of the nanotubes avoiding the critical steps related to nanolithography. In particular, biofabrication using DNA-templated CNT arrays FETs has been demonstrated to further scale the alignment of CNTs within the FETs well beyond standard lithographic feasibility. 3D-BRICKS will raise this concept of integrated self-assembly CNT-nanocircuits to a completely new level by moving towards the third dimension. Indeed, the versatility of DNA nanotechnology will be the root for conceiving 3-dimensional (3D) CNT-FETs and CNT-nonvolatile memories. DNA nanotechnology will also enable to complement the CNT deposition with metallic connections, hence realizing a working circuit. This will reduce the foot-print of the final device while enhancing its efficiency, hence providing a breakthrough solution to realize the next-generation nanoelectronics. Our approach will enable the production of scalable biotemplated electronics that can be extended to multiple applications such as metamaterials, sensors, optoelectronics, and others.

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Denis Garoli
Denis Garoli
Remo Proietti
Remo Proietti
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